About WorldFanFair

WorldFanFair was born from a constant state of daydreaming about travelling the world and obsessive need to always be planning my next big trip. This is the place my dreams come to life on the page. It’s also a place for reflection on what has been and contemplation of what is to come!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I hope you find it a sanctuary for the soul and hive for wanderlust.

About the Author


Like a lot of other New Zealand teenagers, from the age of about sixteen I daydreamed of having a life abroad travelling the world. One of my early inspirations was the film version of ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ where Lena visits the Greek Islands for the summer. For a few years out of university, I took regular extended holidays, but in the background I was really saving to make my ultimate dream a reality, which was to move abroad and travel the world.

In October 2015 I finally departed Auckland, New Zealand, and was to spend a few weeks in Japan for the third time, before continuing on to Europe and eventually resettling in London in January 2016. I launched this blog as a way to record, share and reflect on my travel experiences.


My Bucketlist Destinations:

The Greek Islands √
The Amalfi Coast √
Japan √
Canada’s Rocky Mountains