WorldFanFair was born from a constant state of daydreaming about living abroad and travelling the world. Created by Nikki Louise, WorldFanFair is designed to be a sanctuary for the soul and hive for wanderlust – just what ever aspiring globetrotter needs!

About Nikki Louise

Like many teenagers, from the age of about sixteen Nikki daydreamed of a life abroad travelling the world. One of her early inspirations was the film ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ where Lena visits the Greek Islands for the summer. For a few years out of university, Nikki took vacations, but in the background she had a plan to make her ultimate dream a reality – to move abroad and travel the world.

In October of 2015 Nikki departed Auckland and was to spend a few weeks with a close friend Japan, before continuing on solo to Europe and eventually resettling in London with her boyfriend at the beginning of 2016. Twenty-four countries later plus two years living abroad and a lot changed.

When Nikki’s UK Visa expired in October 2017 she returned to New Zealand excited to spend the summer at home relaxing with friends and conjuring up new adventures.

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My Bucketlist Destinations:

The Greek Islands √
The Amalfi Coast √
Japan √
Canada’s Rocky Mountains