Hi, my name is Nikki and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m a blogger and travel lover from Auckland, New Zealand.

In October of 2015 I boarded a one-way flight to London. This was the beginning of the European adventure I’d been dreaming of ever since watching Lena visit the Greek Islands in The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants. First a friend and I got our feet in Japan then overcame onsen anxiety in Tokyo, before I jetted further abroad to begin my whirlwind 2 month tour through winter in Europe, eventually meeting back up with my boyfriend (also from NZ) and setting up camp in London at the beginning of 2016.

I created WorldFanFair as a space to record and share my travel experiences.

Twenty-four countries later plus two years living abroad and a lot has changed, while some things have remained the same, like my burning passion for travel. Now back in New Zealand, I’m excited to spend the summer at home while conjuring up my next adventure.


Growing up in Auckland I was lucky to travel around New Zealand, to Australia and even Japan with my family. From an early age I caught the travel bug and always knew I would go further abroad. But dreaming about travel 24/7 was exhausting and frustrating, so when I started to subscribe to UK YouTubers like Estee Lalonde, I realised I could also create an outlet for my passion and so WorldFanFair was born.

My Favourite Travel Bloggers

  • On The Luce by Lucy Dodsworth – a rare breed of genuinely interesting and useful writing from a professional travel writer, based in the UK.
  • Me Exploring by Marina – a Ukrainian perspective on life and travel from Norway.
  • Sophie In Timor by Sophie Rai Liur – the life of an Australian writer in East Timor.
  • How To Have A Happy Homecoming by Tricia Alach – stories from Kiwis who have decided to return home after living abroad, inspired by her own return to New Zealand.