Getting My Feet in Japan

It has been a whirlwind of emotions the last three days. I always knew the day would come where I could say “Tomorrow, I’m leaving on my OE”, but when that day actually arrives there are no words, no thoughts, just contentment in waiting.Β From excitement to depression, anxiety and hopefulness, I can finally rest to enjoy the present.


This is now my third visit to Japan, having been during intermediate and high school, and things are a lot different to how I remember. People are unbelievably helpful. In asking for directions, you can expect a personal escort to your specified location. We have now ranked up a total of three of these, including to our hostel (a 15 minute walk from the station) on our first night. Inner city streets are enjoyable to walk in. Many more city dwellers get around by bicycle than I had expected and the footpaths are wide enough to feel like a neighbourhood, rather than just a walkway edging a busy road. Trees comfort people from the traffic and numerous neighbourhood food houses add to the ambience near Ueno, where we are staying. Walking the streets is quite an enjoyable experience, both day and night.

Today we visited Meiji Shrine andΒ had a few drinks with the people in our hostel. Here is a picture Meg (hostel staff member) drew of a man she saw walking his dog at Meiji shrine, dressed as a cloud.



To see more of what we got up to in Tokyo, check out our vlogs, and subscribe to WorldFanFair on YouTube for more.

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Nikki launched WorldFanFair to record and share her travel experiences. After living in London for two years, she is now back in Auckland conjuring up future adventures.

4 thoughts on “Getting My Feet in Japan

  1. Hi Little Miss Sunshine πŸ™‚ I have been thinking of you as you embark on sampling the very best delicacies the world has to offer! I’m pleased to see you are off to a great start πŸ™‚ Looking forward to following your adventures from afar x


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