Living In London & The Pain Of Going Home


Everyone expects moving abroad to be the most exciting unreal experience, and they’re right. Living in London I felt like a free and accomplished individual. Everything was new and felt entirely my own to explore. So what happens when it all comes to an end?

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Where To Eat Vegetarian & Vegan In London


Having spent two years living in London, it seems high time I share with you my favourite vegetarian and vegan eats from the city that does internationally inspired dining best. Whether you’re looking for elegance or something less expensive, London has it all. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Moving To London Pt. 2

So you’ve arrived, Welcome! Hopefully now you’ve got your bearings between Big Ben and Hyde Park. Now you’re ready to start flat hunting and settling into your new life.

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7 Kiwi-Approved London Coffee Shops


When you’re new to town, knowing where to go for a good flat white, or any coffee of relative strength and quality, can be a minefield! I’ve had my fair share of caffeine catastrophes and no one deserves that, so today I’m going to lay out the London coffee landscape just for you. Monmouth | Borough If strength is […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Moving To London Pt. 1

Moving anywhere abroad can be a daunting prospect and the scale and shenanigans of London certainly make it more so, but don’t let that stop you! Here is a practical plan for your first few weeks in London. 

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Hello, from London!

9 Countries in 3 months has gone so fast. Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and now England. I’ve seen and done so many things I can hardly remember. Every now and again Dave will mention something we did and I have to dredge it up from the swamps of my […]

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