Living In London & The Pain Of Going Home


Everyone expects moving abroad to be the most exciting unreal experience, and they’re right. Living in London I felt like a free and accomplished individual. Everything was new and felt entirely my own to explore. So what happens when it all comes to an end?

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Splore Mystic Ritual Festival 2018

Splore is New Zealand’s music and arts festival set in the stunning Tapapakanga Regional Park just one hour south of Auckland. 2018 performers included Dizzee Rascal and Raiza Biza. Get a feel for the festival and find out what to pack for an unforgettable weekend by the beach.

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5 Tracks I’m Blasting This Summer

What I like about these tracks is the sense of internationality they emit. Transport yourself to a beach front club in Ios with these top five tracks I’m blasting this summer.

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7 Best European Travel Apps


Trains, accommodation, blogging and more, sometimes one little app is all you need to get from a to b. Get these 7 apps to make your European tour a breeze.

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Auckland’s Ultimate Visitors Guide


Dumped on Auckland’s Queen Street, it can be hard to imagine how this sprawling urban metropolis has earned its place among the worlds most liveable cities. As a proud local I know the essence of Auckland lives just outside our central business district, so let me take you on a tiki-tour around my favourite big little city.

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Where To Eat Vegetarian & Vegan In London


Having spent two years living in London, it seems high time I share with you my favourite vegetarian and vegan eats from the city that does internationally inspired dining best. Whether you’re looking for elegance or something less expensive, London has it all.Β 

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Celebrating Thanksgiving In New Zealand


At the opposite end of the earth Kiwis and Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving together. So how does one celebrate an American tradition in a sub-tropical climate? And what are Kiwis thankful for? Take a peep to find out.

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Overcoming OCD Abroad In The Hardest Year Of My Life


Overcoming anxiety is no easy feat, but it can be even harder living alone abroad. Learn how I overcame obsessive compulsive disorder while living in London and get links to the resources I found helpful.

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Could Bristol be the Perfect London Alternative?

Bristol is the creative university town on England’s West Coast synonymous with Banksy street art, hot air ballooning and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. I took a weekend trip to answer the question, could Bristol be the perfect alternative to living in London?Β 

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