Cruising Italy’s Amalfi Coast

From Pompeii to picture perfect Positano no expectation is too steep. Amongst crowds of tourists and inflated prices you still get the feeling you’re walking on a dream. 

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Alternative Accommodation from Airbnb to an Ice Hotel

What really excites me about travel these days is having the chance to stay in all different styles of accommodation. From a cosy Airbnb apartment to a glass igloo under the stars, there’s now seemingly never-ending ways to stay your way around the world. Here are just nine modern styles of accommodation to add to your travel bucket-list!

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3 Kiwi-Approved Edinburgh Coffee Shops


Edinburgh may not jump to mind as a capital of coffee culture, but this small big city sure can serve up enough caffeine to keep you buzzing during your visit. Here’s three of the best coffee houses I found on my recent long weekend in the city.

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Greek Island Hopping with Med Experience

Like many New Zealand teenagers, I long daydreamed of having a life abroad travelling the world. One of my early inspirations was the film ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ where Lena visits the Greek Islands for the summer, so travelling with Med Experience around the Greek Islands was literally my dream come true.

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How to Plan a Round the World Trip


It can definitely be difficult to know where to start planning a round the world trip, but rest assured, however it turns out, a big adventure like this is bound to be buckets of fun! Having planned a fair few international trips in the last two years though, I’ve developed a system to make things a little easier, so in this post I’ll share with you my 7 Steps to Start Planning Your Big Overseas Adventure.

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What to do on a Day Trip to Cambridge

The charm of this UK university town isn’t just in the legendary stories or the awe-inspiring architecture, but in the chelsea buns and river boat rides too. With train connections from across the British Isles, Cambridge makes a great destination for your next spring or summer day trip.

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Bruges Brings the Perfect European City Break

Time just melts. Turn a corner at the canal, take a sip from the brewers tap and hear bells chime throughout the land. In just a few hours by Coach, Train or Plane you’ll be strolling in the magic of this medieval masterpiece.

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9 Reasons Not to Miss Auckland When You Visit New Zealand

Boasting over one quarter of the countries entire population, Auckland is by far the biggest city in New Zealand. So it came to my surprise when I learnt friends from the UK had no plans to stay in the city on their visit. Queue 9 Reasons Not to Miss Auckland When You Visit New Zealand.

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Where to Eat Vegetarian and Vegan in Auckland

Vegan, Vegetarian or otherwise, you’re sure to enjoy the diverse flavours from these Auckland establishments. In all my travels, Auckland is still one of my favourite destinations to indulge in plant-based cuisine and there’s certainly no shortage of it here.

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7 Kiwi-Approved Auckland Coffee Shops


No weekend in Auckland would be complete without enjoying some of the superb coffee that’s on offer. Maybe I’m a little bias, but I think Auckland has some of the best cafes in the country, so I’m pleased to share my top tips on where to find a New Zealand quality coffee during your visit.

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