Where To Eat Vegetarian & Vegan In Sydney

Get excited for the vegetarian dream in Sydney’s inner city suburb of Glebe! Just ten minutes by bus from Central Station, you have a mecca of cafes and restaurants at your disposal, many serving fully vegetarian menus plus vegan options. 

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Running Away for Real

As a kid and a teenager I always daydreamed a lot. My most common fantasy was of running away to create a fantastic new life from the hut in our apple tree. As I got older this fantasy transitioned to moving overseas to travel the world.

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Soul-Searching From Lisbon To Porto

After a difficult few months and a long winter, escaping to sunny Portugal sounded like the perfect therapy. I started off strong, excited to bask in the sunshine, become acquainted with the people, and indulge in many custard based desserts.

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Where to Eat Vegetarian & Vegan in Edinburgh


It’s not all Haggis and Black Pudding up here! Who would have thought Edinburgh would bring such a decent helping of dining options for us veg lovers too?! I’m always excited to try new restaurants and local food when travelling so let me walk you through some of my favourites from my long weekend in the city.

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What To do On A Weekend in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a lot of charm and character. Make the most of your weekend in this old city by arriving early and visiting attractions like Castle Rock, the Edinburgh Farmers Market and Arthur’s Peak.

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How to Travel Eco-Friendly

Travelling takes me to so many breathtaking destinations, but it breaks my heart when I notice a trash trove in the waters of Thailand. Fortunately it’s getting easier to travel without the trash and in this post I’m going to talk about a few ways I’e been working toward this!

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Cruising Italy’s Amalfi Coast

From Pompeii to picture perfect Positano no expectation is too steep. Amongst crowds of tourists and inflated prices you still get the feeling you’re walking on a dream. 

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9 Styles Of Accommodation To Add To Your Bucket-List


What really excites me about travel these days is having the chance to stay in all different styles of accommodation. From a cosy Airbnb apartment to a glass igloo under the stars, there’s now seemingly never-ending ways to stay your way around the world. Here are just nine modern styles of accommodation to add to your travel bucket-list!

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3 Kiwi-Approved Edinburgh Coffee Shops


Edinburgh may not jump to mind as a capital of coffee culture, but this small big city sure can serve up enough caffeine to keep you buzzing during your visit. Here’s three of the best coffee houses I found on my recent long weekend in the city.

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