Soul-Searching Through Sintra, Portugal

After a difficult few months and a long winter, escaping to sunny Portugal sounded like the perfect therapy. I started off strong, excited to bask in the sunshine, become acquainted with the people, and indulge in many custard based desserts.

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How to Plan a Round the World Trip


It can definitely be difficult to know where to start planning a round the world trip, but rest assured, however it turns out, a big adventure like this is bound to be buckets of fun! Having planned a fair few international trips in the last two years though, I’ve developed a system to make things a little easier, so in this post I’ll share with you my 7 Steps to Start Planning Your Big Overseas Adventure.

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Backpacking Essentials for the Ultimate Adventurer


Every backpacker has certain things in common. We all want to do as much as we can with as little as we can. That’s why it’s important to get the essentials right. Wherever and whenever you’re going, make sure your next adventure includes these essentials for the ultimate adventure.

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Getting My Feet in Japan

It has been a whirlwind of emotions the last three days. I always knew the day would come where I could say “Tomorrow, I’m leaving on my OE”, but when that day actually arrives there are no words, no thoughts, just contentment in waiting.Β From excitement to depression, anxiety and hopefulness, I can finally rest to […]

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12 Days Until I Leave the Life I Know

I’ve only ever imagined going travelling as a fantastic, mesmerising, wonderous experience, until today, when I came across this slightly disheartening article; 5 Depressing Side Effects No One Tells You About Moving Abroad. Having been a long term traveller herself, Manon De Heus lists a few things she’s experienced from moving overseas; Your loved ones […]

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