Wellington’s Best Brunch & Lunch Spots


Wellington is setting the bar high with capital culinary experiences. Try French toast with Nutella mousse and orange caramel, or classic hummus and haloumi. These are just a few of the best brunches and lunches to enjoy on your next voyage to the capital. 

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Auckland’s Ultimate Visitors Guide


Dumped on Auckland’s Queen Street, it can be hard to imagine how this sprawling urban metropolis has earned its place among the worlds most liveable cities. As a proud local I know the essence of Auckland lives just outside our central business district, so let me take you on a tiki-tour around my favourite big little city.

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A Weekend in Edinburgh


Edinburgh has a lot of charm and character. Make the most of your weekend in this old city by arriving early and visiting attractions like Castle Rock, the Edinburgh Farmers Market and Arthur’s Peak.

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What To Do On A Day Trip To Cambridge

The charm of this UK university town isn’t just in the legendary stories or the awe-inspiring architecture, but in the chelsea buns and river boat rides too. With train connections from across the British Isles, Cambridge makes a great destination for your next spring or summer day trip.

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A Weekend In Bruges


Turn a corner at the canal, take a sip from the brewers tap and hear bells chime throughout the land. In just a few hours by Coach, Train or Plane from London and you’ll be strolling in the magic of this medieval masterpiece.

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9 Reasons Not to Miss Auckland When You Visit New Zealand

Boasting over one quarter of the countries entire population, Auckland is by far the biggest city in New Zealand. So it came to my surprise when I learnt friends from the UK had no plans to stay in the city on their visit. Queue 9 Reasons Not to Miss Auckland When You Visit New Zealand.

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Making the Most of a Singapore Stopover


Singapore is well known as a shopping destination, but it has a lot more to offer than you may think. Parks, nightlife, skyscrapers, local and international food, you name it! So before you take off, make sure to take note of my top 9 must do’s for Making the Most of a Singapore Stopover.

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Amsterdam for the Weekend

Whether you reach the Dam by plane, bus or boat, it won’t be long before you’re amongst the bicycle bells and coffee house smells. This capital city is actually surprisingly small and very easy to get around, but don’t let its size fool you – Amsterdam has more than enough on offer to keep you entertained over a long, long weekend.

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Paris for the Weekend


Good morning, you’re in Paris! I’m sure the first thing you’ll be thinking about is where you can eat yourself into a food coma on croissants and crepes.

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