9 Styles Of Accommodation To Add To Your Bucket-List


What really excites me about travel these days is having the chance to stay in all different styles of accommodation. From a cosy Airbnb apartment to a glass igloo under the stars, there’s now seemingly never-ending ways to stay your way around the world. Here are just nine modern styles of accommodation to add to your travel bucket-list!

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How To Plan A Round The World Trip


Planning a big overseas trip is exciting, but there are quite a few things to consider. Get started now with tips from an experienced traveller on How To Plan A Round The World Trip.

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Backpacking Essentials for the Ultimate Adventure


Every backpacker has certain things in common. We all want to do as much as we can with as little as we can. That’s why it’s important to get the essentials right. Wherever and whenever you’re going, make sure your next adventure includes these essentials for the ultimate adventure.

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12 Days Until I Leave the Life I Know


I’ve only ever imagined going travelling as a fantastic, mesmerising, wonderous experience, until today, when I came across this slightly disheartening article.

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