Where to Eat Vegetarian & Vegan in Edinburgh


It’s not all Haggis and Black Pudding up here! Who would have thought Edinburgh would bring such a decent helping of dining options for us veg lovers too?! I’m always excited to try new restaurants and local food when travelling so let me walk you through some of my favourites from my long weekend in the city.

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What to do on a Weekend in Edinburgh


We arrived at the crack of dawn via overnight bus from London Victoria. As far as bus journeys go, I’d say it was fairly okay and I got a good amount of sleep. If you’re attempting this I’d definitely recommend 3 things; noise cancelling ear plugs, a sleeping mask and something warm to throw over yourself – the aircon gets cold!

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3 Kiwi-Approved Edinburgh Coffee Shops


Edinburgh may not jump to mind as a capital of coffee culture, but this small big city sure can serve up enough caffeine to keep you buzzing during your visit. Here’s three of the best coffee houses I found on my recent long weekend in the city.

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