Living In London & The Pain Of Going Home


Everyone expects moving abroad to be the most exciting unreal experience, and they’re right. Living in London I felt like a free and accomplished individual. Everything was new and felt entirely my own to explore. So what happens when it all comes to an end?

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Overcoming OCD Abroad In The Hardest Year Of My Life


Overcoming anxiety is no easy feat, but it can be even harder living alone abroad. Learn how I overcame obsessive compulsive disorder while living in London and get links to the resources I found helpful.

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Could Bristol be the Perfect London Alternative?

Bristol is the creative university town on England’s West Coast synonymous with Banksy street art, hot air ballooning and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. I took a weekend trip to answer the question, could Bristol be the perfect alternative to living in London?ย 

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What I Learnt from Travel & Life Abroad – Year Two

Through life changing experiences spring insight and inspiration. So just as I did after my first year abroad I’ve put these thoughts down in words. Find out now what I learnt from two years of travel in Europe and life in London.

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Running Away to Europe for Real

Did you day-dream a lot as a child? One of my common fantasies was running away to create a fantastic new life in our apple tree house. As I got older this fantasy transitioned to moving overseas to travel the world.

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What I Learnt From Travel & Life Abroad – Year One

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary since I departed Auckland International Airport on my adventure to Europe. It’s been a big year, so I thought I’d recap. See what you could learn from one year of travel and life abroad.

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