What is it about a mug?


I’d never intended to be one of those people who feel obliged to collect cheap and meaningless souvenirs from my travels, but as I recalled the small gathering of mugs scattered throughout the house, I wondered if I’d fallen into this behaviour more naturally.

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Tuscany Experience Day Tour with Italy on a Budget


I trusted Italy On A Budget to take me out of Florence and show me Tuscany in one day. Rolling hills, mud-brick villas, quaint old world towns and of the course the wine. See where we went and get the inside scoop before you book your trip.

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Packing Essentials for the Ultimate Euro-Trip


Packing for a trip through Europe is different to packing for a regular vacation. You want to be practical while not forsaking all sense of style. That’s where I went a little wrong on my first trip, but hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

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Discovering Dubrovnik In Three Days


The first morning I got sight of those burnt orange tiles between white stone and blue sky sure was a sight for sore London eyes. Don’t assume you need to be a Game of Thrones fan to enjoy Dubrovnik – the definition of a bucket list destination.

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7 Best European Travel Apps


Trains, accommodation, blogging and more, sometimes one little app is all you need to get from a to b. Get these 7 apps to make your European tour a breeze.

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Christmas Experiences Around the World


Despite no dedication to religion, I have to admit the cosy festivities of Christmas hard to resist. Whether summer or winter, I always look forward to the day when everything just stops for a while. There’s no television adverts, plenty of good food and family and friends come together to enjoy each others company.

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Soul-Searching From Lisbon To Porto

After a difficult few months and a long winter, escaping to sunny Portugal sounded like the perfect therapy. I started off strong, excited to bask in the sunshine, become acquainted with the people, and indulge in many custard based desserts.

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