Hiking Taupo’s Treacherous Mt Tauhara

View across mountain to Lake Taupo

If you’re after a day walk near Taupo, Mt Tauhara is the perfect track. Creeping up dirt crevasse, and trudging through sludgy mud – all in a 2 hour trek.

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Titirangi Village on the Verge of Heaven


Gazing out across the dewey mountain vista, calm tides and late sun frame the view.Β Only the faint shuffling of passersby, or clinking cafe cups interrupt the mood.

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Meeting Mum Halfway In Sydney


A recent vacation in Sydney helped me reconnect with my Mum. Sometimes there’s things I forget about her, but today is a day to remember. Happy Mother’s Day Mum!

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The Love Locked Corner of Auckland

Friends admire Auckland's love lock along the waterfront

The love lock trend from Europe has finally made it to Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter. We rode from the Lightpath down to the Waterfront to see what all the fuss was about. Check out where to find the locks and if your’s features in our blog.

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What is it about a mug?


I’d never intended to be one of those people who feel obliged to collect cheap and meaningless souvenirs from my travels, but as I recalled the small gathering of mugs scattered throughout the house, I wondered if I’d fallen into this behaviour more naturally.

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Wellington’s Best Brunch & Lunch Spots


Wellington is setting the bar high with capital culinary experiences. Try French toast with Nutella mousse and orange caramel, or classic hummus and haloumi. These are just a few of the best brunches and lunches to enjoy on your next voyage to the capital.Β 

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Tuscany Experience Day Tour with Italy on a Budget


I trusted Italy On A Budget to take me out of Florence and show me Tuscany in one day. Rolling hills, mud-brick villas, quaint old world towns and of the course the wine. See where we went and get the inside scoop before you book your trip.

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Jim Beam Homegrown Festival 2018


Jim Beam Homegrown is Wellington’s annual one day festival celebrating the best of New Zealand music along our capital’s waterfront. 2018 performers included Shapeshifter, Elemenop and Savage. Get a feel for the festival and find out what to pack for this wicked event on the waterfront.

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