Meeting Mum Halfway In Sydney


It had been several months since I’d last seen my crazy loveable Mum when we decided to organise a weekend in Sydney. My family had unfortunately had to cancel their round the world trip to visit me in London at the very last minute, so a celebratory vacation was needed to make up for it.

Sydney Coastal Walk to Bondi

We picked Sydney for a couple of reasons. Both Mum and I like a mixture of activities on holiday – some outdoors, arts, culture, shopping and dining – which of course Sydney is perfect for. Plus I also have a friend who had recently hopped the ditch from Auckland to settle there.

We spent time visiting the Blue Mountains, dining at Darling Harbour, dropping dollars in the shopping district, and exploring the southern beaches between Coogee and Bondi.


Mum even went whale watching the day I caught up with my pal in Glebe. All was going well until I started to get tired and hungry and things began to hit the fan.

What is so difficult about tapping in and out of the transport system? I stressed!

Cut to a couple of weeks ago, we were going through some old boxes for 70’s costume inspiration when Mum discovered this photo.


We worked out she must be about twenty-six here, roughly the same age I am now. It was captured while getting ready for a party back when she lived in London, and the best part is, that voluminous mound of hair is all natural.

I’d almost forgotten Mum had lived in London too.

Mum has done a lot in her life. She is 65 years old now, but you wouldn’t think it. She emanates the energy of someone in their twenties.

She is spontaneously enthusiastic about little things. She likes going to the cinema, gardening, cycling, bird-spotting, travel and technology, despite semi-regular panic attacks in using it.

She is passionate, emotional, kind, independent, creative, impatient, crazy and fun and she finally gave in to the grey side and emerged a silver fox.

I think sometimes I forget that too.


I forget Mum was first an individual with an entire life before she decided to create a family for us. An individual just as human as the rest of us, with her own needs, desires and life challenges.

How lucky am I to have a Mum who still wants to bunk with me in a hostel in Sydney!

She is my Mum, but she is also Rosemary.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

Cheers to you. And thank you. x

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you Darling, such lovely words, a Mother’s Day gift more precious than money can ever buy, to be apreciated and loved by those that really matter. Thank you for being you and for making my day.

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