Friends admire Auckland's love lock along the waterfront

The Love Locked Corner of Auckland

Pink cycle path to Skytower overlooking Auckland

Blessed with crisp blue skies across Auckland this week, it would have been sinful not to take tokyobike for a spin. After a smooth transition from Grafton station through to Newton, we rolled onto the Lightpath behind K Road and cruised all the way down Nelson Street to the waterfront at Wynyard Quarter. With boats bobbing in the calm autumn seas and office workers enjoying the late afternoon rays, there was a sense of unanimous tranquility. So we rolled a little more, across Te Wero bridge toward Silo Park. That’s where we noticed the warm light dancing along the fence.

Friends admire Auckland's love lock along the waterfront

That’s right, our precious jewel of the Pacific, not necessarily renowned for its romantic qualities, has fallen for the Parisian trend of a love locked fence.

One can’t be sure exactly when this behaviour began, but judging from the engravings and this article I found on stuff it’s been since 2014.

Okay so I’m a little behind, but nevertheless intrigued.

Padlocks on a fence overlooking Auckland waterfront

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lock, or a lover, so I read the messages of others and snapped a few photographs of locks that caught my eye.

Then I thought, why not turn this into a little game?

Wouldn’t it be intriguing to know what happened to these people, where they are now, what they are doing? Would they recommend the romantic gesture to a friend?

So we’re on a mission. Let’s see if we can reconnect any of our long lost lovers with their locks. You may be able to spot your own lock in the photos, or one of someone you know?

Browse the photos and comment below if one of these locks is yours. Or post your own on Instagram with the #aucklandlovelocks

Are you one of our Auckland locked lovers?

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