Amsterdam’s Stroopwafels, Frites & Other Treats

Having previously patronised many wonderful museums and cycled the city parks on my first visit to Amsterdam for the weekend, there was nothing left to stop me organising all leisurely activities around dining discoveries this trip.

My mission, to eat the best of Amsterdam’s famous frites, stroopwafels and other vegetarian delicacies, was mapped strategically across the city, including visits to:

  • Vinnie’s Good Home Food
  • Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels
  • Restaurant Bazar
  • Pancakes Amsterdam
  • Burger Fabriek


On a direct route from Amsterdam Central Station into town is Vinnie’s Good Home Food. Relax here a while, enjoy consistently well-made coffee and seriously good home food.

Home style comfort has been constructed so well here in fact, that I didn’t realise they are now a chain, with another two establishments across Amsterdam. Bewilderment in my eyes and question consuming my face, the lovely Dutch staff pointed me in the direction of the Vinnie’s I had discovered on my first visit.

Vinnie’s Nieuwezijds Kolk location is my favourite for people watching on the pavement or from within the spiralling staircase. If it’s breakfast you’re after, let their seductively saucy Shakshuka wake you up. Every city needs a Vinnie’s.

Nieuwezijds Kolk 33 | Follow Google Maps to Vinnie’s


Across town in De Pijp Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels will whip you up traditional hot syrup waffles from their stall at the Albert Cuyp Market. You’ll smell the sweet warm goodness before you see it. Enjoying an original stroopwafel from Rudi’s is not to be missed!

Albert Cuyp Straat, Stand 134 | Follow Google Maps to Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels


Nearby Rudi’s on the Albert Cuyp Street, Restaurant Bazar may take your curiosity. Colourful interiors and ceiling hung decorations fill this old church space, where you can try dishes originating from Africa and the Middle East. My lunch above was African influenced Nachos and Middle Eastern Falafel. Feast your senses at Bazar Amsterdam.

Albert Cuypstraat 182 | Follow Google Maps to Restaurant Bazar


When I met my friend in De 9 Straatjes at Pancakes Amsterdam and she ordered the goats cheese and spinach pancake. I was skeptical to say the least, but one mouth full later and my lemon sugar version was truly inferior. For those used to traditional berry and syrup combinations, Pancakes Amsterdam opens up a whole new world of flavour favourites. Get your Pancakes Amsterdam style at various locations throughout the city.

Berenstraat 38 | Follow Google Maps to Pancakes Amsterdam


In a place like the Dam, well known for it’s delicious array of sauce topped frites, I was starting to get the sense that there were many dubious copy cats keen to take my money. Desperately searching for a better accredited outlet, I finally stumbled upon Burger Fabriek Express. Take your pick from pumps of ketchup, curry, mayo and more, and always add onion. Find your favourite frites at Burger Fabriek.

Nieuwendijk 142 | Follow Google Maps to Burger Fabriek Express

Three days in Amsterdam and it was mission accomplished. I don’t think one could ever tire of the snack sensations on offer here.


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