5 Tracks I’m Blasting This Summer

Inspired by Beyond The Magic Lantern’sΒ Eight Albums I’m Blasting This Summer, this is my 5 Tracks I’m Blasting This Summer.



I first found out about PHFAT from the backing track to one of Casey Neistat’s recent South Africa travel vlogs. What I like about them, and what is probably a theme with most of the following tracks, is the sense of internationality they emit. Transport yourself to a beach front boardwalk in LA with ‘Keep You Safe’ (above).


Eastern Bloc

There’s something 80’s about this groovy dance track from Wellington based brother duo Eastern Bloc. I’m looking forward to absorbing the atmosphere with them on stage at New Zealand’s Splore festival this February.



Perhaps it’s the music video or the fact he’s from Belgium. Either way get this track on your take-off playlist to feel like an absolute guaranteed superstar jet-setter. Destination? The rooftop clubs of Sydney – may I suggest Ivy Pool Club.


Too Many Zooz

Another discovery from the Splore Spotify playlist, I’ve found myself falling for this animalistic beat. One to set your body and mind free as you embark on summer adventures – there’s certainly not too many zooz here. Imagine it in the subways of NYC.


Touch Sensitive

Super repetitive and simultaneously catchy comes this club track from Auzzie based Touch Sensitive. Coincidentally he’s toured internationally with Flight Facilities – my favourite pick from Beyond The Magic Lantern’s line up. Take a listen.

Also check out Beyond The Magic Lantern’s Eight Albums I’m Blasting This Summer.Β I’ve especially become a fan of ‘Foreign Language’ by Flight Facilities. Thanks to Emily for the recommendation.

You may also be interested inΒ 7 Best European Travel Apps.


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