7 Best European Travel Apps for Backpackers


Trains, accommodation, blogging and more, sometimes one little app is all you need to get from a to b. Make sure you have these apps downloaded for your next European adventure.

Trainline (UK)

Before the existence of this app I honestly had no idea where to go to get the right tickets for the trains I wanted to take. Trainline makes it super easy to buy a ticket for rail journeys, and buses too, across the UK and only charges a small fee for the convenience. All your tickets are stored in one place and you can buy in advance, or on the go. Download Trainline UK for Android or Trainline UK for iOS.

Trainline (EU)

The hugely successful train ticket app for the UK was in 2017 launched for European rail travel as well, making travel across Europe by train easier than ever before – watch out Eurail! Download Trainline EU for Android or Trainline EU for iOS.


If you’re on this site, chances are you’re travelling on a budget, so sooner or later you’ll be boarding a flight with easyJet. Though there’s always stories of great flight delays, I’ve always had a relatively pleasant experience with easyJet, and for the price you usually can’t beat it. Use the app to book flights and get mobile boarding passes. Download easyJet for Android or easyJet for iOS.



If you’re backpacking or solo travelling and you haven’t yet heard of Hostelworld, where have you been? A great selection of hostels and budget accomodation is at your fingertips in just about every destination you could ever want. Plus you’ll only need to pay a deposit up front, and if you need even more flexibility there’s the option to pay for a deposit refundable upon cancellation. For more info follow the links links below. Download Hostelworld for Android or Hostelworld for iOS.


If you’d like a little extra privacy or local flavour in your accomodations, Airbnb is the place to be. Book your boutique accomodation on the go with the app. Download Airbnb for Android or Airbnb for iOS.

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CityMapper is a great app to get to know a local public transport system. You can find your best route through the network and it will even tell you which train carriage is best to board. Download CityMapper for Android or CityMapper for iOS.


Whether you’re a serial blogger or just want to have a record of where you go on your trip, WordPress is the perfect platform to base your travel blog or website. It’s free to get started and whenever you want there’s the option to purchase more advanced themes or plan features as well. Download WordPress for Android or WordPress for iOS.

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