Where to Eat Vegetarian & Vegan in Edinburgh


It’s not all Haggis and Black Pudding up here! Who would have thought Edinburgh would bring such a decent helping of dining options for us veg lovers too?! I’m always excited to try new restaurants and local food when travelling so let me walk you through some of my favourites from my long weekend in the city.

Papii | New Town

Pappi’s had just what we were after for a simple yet tasty lunch. It’s your typical antipodean style cafe, with a Greek influence. Think supreme coffee and Spanikopita.

Henderson’s | New Town

Their central Edinburgh eatery is a must visit for any vege lover. A smorgasbord of hot and cold dishes, salads, cakes and even veg Haggis feature in this stylish yet laid back location.


Bar Soba | New Town

I think our Australian friends call this style of dining ‘Asian-Fusion’. With a menu packed with plates from Japan to Thailand, and a killer cocktail list, there’s sure to be something to tickle your taste-buds.

Osso Rolls | Castle Terrace

A warm Osso roll from Edinburgh’s Farmers Market will fuel you up for exploring the castle just overhead, or sober you up after a good night at the pub. Look out for Osso’s falafel and veg haggis flavours.

Kalpna | The Meadows

You’ll be hard pressed not to find this popular Indian restaurant on any Edinburgh top 10 veg list. If you like your food spicy I suggest letting the waiter know when you order as I think we were served a classic foreigner version of Thali. Nevertheless definitely one of the tastiest meals we ate and set within stunning interiors.Β Despite the pretty price, I’d recommend a visit for a special meal.


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Nikki launched WorldFanFair to record and share her travel experiences. After living in London for two years, she is now back in Auckland conjuring up future adventures.

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