Eco-Packing Essentials For Smart Travel


Travelling takes me to so many breathtaking destinations, but it breaks my heart when I notice scenes like a trash trove in the waters of Thailand. Fortunately it’s getting easier to travel without the trash and make small choices about how we can tread lighter on our way around the planet. In this post I’m going to talk about a few ways I’ve been achieving just that with my top three eco-friendly travel essentials.

Be Cool With Your Coffee

If you’ve picked up on the #KiwiApprovedCoffee hash tag, you’ll know us we can’t live without our caffeine, so up front and centre is my most adorable travel companion, the reusable KeepCup. My favourite style is the Brew cup edition because of its clear glass mug and cool to the touch cork band. The way KeepCups are designed is a genius because I’m not left in that awkward situation where the barista has trouble fitting it under their machines. Plus enjoying a hot brew is so much better from a quality cup. Am I addicted? Maybe.

Hydrate Smart

Next up, is my metal water bottle. With so much unnecessary bottled water consumed around the world, it’s such an obvious way to reduce impact and remember to keep hydrated! My main bottle is by Kathmandu and I have another smaller one I also like by Macpac. The main thing I like about both of them is their reliable rubber seal meaning they don’t leak, but there are many alternatives on the market too.

Ladies Take Note

I have to admit I was totally skeptical and it took me ages to first try using a menstrual cup. I thought it would be a big hassle to empty and change and worried it would leak, but since using my MoonCup for about six months now I am a total convert and I’d never go back to disposable alternatives. Though there is a little bit of a settling in period to get familiar, it doesn’t take long and I now feel like it’s the cleaner option as there is no cotton residue. Remember to check which size is right for you before you buy.

If you haven’t tried any of these products yet, give them a go! They are such an easy way of treading lightly around the world.

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Nikki launched WorldFanFair to record and share her travel experiences. After living in London for two years, she is now back in Auckland conjuring up future adventures.

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