9 Styles Of Accommodation To Add To Your Bucket-List

What really excites me about travel these days is having the chance to stay in all different styles of accommodation. From a cosy Airbnb apartment to a glass igloo under the stars, there’s now seemingly never-ending ways to stay your way around the world. Here are just nine modern styles of accommodation to add to your travel bucket-list!

The University Dorm

Ever wanted to live out the university lifestyle without the dominating student loan? University Rooms have you covered. Through their site you can book rooms in student accommodation in many universities around the world. What caught my eye were the great dining halls of the Cambridge University Colleges. Cue the Hogwarts fantasy…

The Ice Hotel

Looking for a wild way to spend the winter? Start saving your pennies now for this one. Swedens Ice Hotel is the world’s first hotel made of snow and ice and is recreated each season in a new design.

The Airbnb Apartment

Think light and airy and full of local character. A holiday pad where you can relax and experience the city like a local. That’s how Airbnb has been getting people to rent other people’s homes since 2008. Who doesn’t love pretending they live in an apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower?

Airbnb, Copenhagen

The Tree House

The childhood dream brought to life. Accomodation in the trees are popping up all over the world. Could this be your next eco-retreat? On my wish-list is Kristie’s dreamy tropical treehouse that she built from scratch in Hawaii which you can now book via Airbnb.

The Glass Igloo

Admire the northern lights as you drift asleep under the stars in Finlands very special Arctic Resort; Kakslauttanen. This one’s definitely on my wish-list for a future Christmas with extra experiences on offer such as visiting Santa’s house and smoke saunas too!

The Couch Surfer

Just how it sounds, Couchsurfers is your place to go to find a locals couch to stay on, or possibly a bed if you’re lucky! It’s basically the free version of Airbnb for those travelling on a tight budget.

Generator Hostel, Rome

The Luxury Hostel

The freedom to go it alone or find new friends. Hostels aren’t all how you might remember them. From the rooftop bar atop Generator Paris to the poolside bar in Santorini Camping, and all double bed dorms at Die Wohngemeinschaft in Cologne. Spend your days wandering freely and your nights in hostel luxury. These days hostels are all about great design and they just keep getting better! And if you really just can’t handle bunking up in a dorm, get the best of both worlds with a private room.

The Capsule Hotel

Japan does small spaces in abundance so it’s no wonder they hit the scene with the capsule hotel. If you’re familiar with modern hostels these may not seem that extreme to you, but they are very popular among Japanese business men and often considered an essential Japan experience! Find them to book on Hostelworld.

The Tiny House

Have you been swept up in the magic of the tiny house fantasy yet? All it takes is watching a few of Kiwi Bryce Langstons video tours on his channel Living Big in a Tiny House – one of my favourites is this stunning diy cottage-style tiny house. So how can you rent one of these? Check out Tiny House Listings or again Airbnb.

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