What To Do On A Day Trip To Cambridge

The charm of this UK university town isn’t just in the legendary stories or the awe-inspiring architecture, but in the chelsea buns and river boat rides too. With train connections from across the British Isles, Cambridge makes a great destination for your next spring or summer day trip. Try out this itinerary which would also work well in reverse too, and have a great time!


Start your day with a Guided Punting Tour along the Cam river. Jump aboard with a reputable company and they will tell you about all the major sites along the way. We went with Scudamore’s Punting who offer a variety of hiring options including Chauffered Champagne, Bat Safari and Cream Tea tours.


Hit the Cambridge Main Market late morning by which time most stalls should then be set up. Here you can find jewellery, flowers, cheese, coffee and other tasty treats, but be careful not to fill up too much – there are a lot of other specialties to try throughout the day.

Cambridge Market Square


As soon as I saw the concentration and love that was going into making every one of these Falafel wraps, I knew I had to eat at the Taste of Cambridge truck. In my books Falafel is always a good shout, but the way Taste serves theirs with a toasted wrap and wholesome raw salad is exactly what you’ll want after a morning walking the town.



A must-see for this university town is King’s College and Chapel. Pick up your ticket from the visitors centre just across the street, then take your time wandering ‘The Backs’ and admiring the Chapel interiors.

A short walk from Kings College is also the Fitzwilliam Museum –  worth a look if you have some extra time on your hands.



Getting peckish? Look no further than Fitzbillies for your mid-afternoon tea. Their famous Chelsea Buns are just the right amount of sticky sweetness without leaving you in a sugar coma. Found in two locations across Cambridge, the original cafe at No. 52 Trumpington St has been serving customers since 1921.


Fitzbillies Window Chelsea Buns

Check out what Cambridge has to offer in our vlog on the WorldFanFair YouTube channel.


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