Where to Eat Vegetarian and Vegan in Auckland

The Garden ShedVegan, Vegetarian or otherwise, you’re sure to enjoy the diverse flavours from these Auckland establishments. In all my travels, Auckland is still one of my favourite destinations to indulge in vege friendly cuisine and there’s certainly no shortage of it here.

The Garden Shed

I was taken here by a friend after we’d climbed to the summit of Mt. Eden and it was certainly the sustinance we needed. Set in an airy green atmosphere with ladders suspended from the ceiling, you couldn’t say they haven’t fulfilled their name.

The Must-Try: Freshly baked Pumpkin Pot Bread & Spiced Ginger Beer.


Mukundas 'Meal 1'


When I lived in Auckland every second Wednesday (payday), my Boyfriend and I would look foward to a cheeky after work drink then straight up the hill to K Road for this delicious feast. Nothing is better (or cheaper) than Mukundas ‘Meal 1’ after an action packed day. On my recent visit, I overhead another customer telling her daughter she used eat at it’s former location when she was at University.Β One meal at Mukundas is never enough!

Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries

A relative newcomer on the scene in Auckland, they’ve wasted no time gaining the hearts and stomachs of locals. Look no further, this is your all vegan/vegetarian fast food joint.

The Must-Try: Kumara Fries

Mondays Wholefoods Brunch

Mondays Wholefoods

The place to go for a secluded garden, interesting twists on popular dishes and very Instagrammable flat lays.

Raw Power

Raw Power

If you feel like the previous few suggestions have led you to pack on a little travel weight, not to worry, I’ve got you covered with possibly the most deliciously healthy salad bar you’ll come across. Don’t be nervous to nip up those stairs, because what awaits you is a smorgasbord of options to stack on your plate.



Renkon basically has one vege option on the menu, but they needn’t have any more. Choose your sauce, then await the bowl of rice, vegetable and tofu goodness coming your way.


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Nikki launched WorldFanFair to record and share her travel experiences. After living in London for two years, she is now back in Auckland conjuring up future adventures.

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