5 Great Solo Travel Destinations to Visit in 2017

The really Great Solo Travel Destinations are those that are super easy to get around, encourage social interaction, have fabulously friendly local people and are relatively safe to explore on your own. If that sounds like you in 2017, keep reading to see what places I’ve ranked in my top 5 Great Solo Travel Destinations to Visit in 2017!

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a place I think a lot of Kiwis consider moving to at some point or another. An Australian hub for culture and the arts with nearby breathtaking natural landscapes.

Must-do: Jump on one of the many group tours down the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles, then get lost in the street art alleys bursting with expression.

PB070098 Ed.jpg

Kyoto, Japan

I have never felt more safe travelling solo than in Japan. Locals will literally go out of their way to help you, especially if you look foreign. Public transport is on point and there is so much to explore! With the cities bustling day and night you’ll never be short of entertainment.

Must do: Walk the streets of Gion at dusk and hike through hundreds of red tori (gates) to reach the top of Fushmi-Inari Grand Shrine.


Budapest, Hungary

Are you ready to “Spa-rty”? Budapests baths are famous for day time relaxation, but did you know they also hold night parties in the baths? If you’re looking for an eastern european party to remember, this could be your one. Book into a hostel to soak up all the social life Budapest has to offer.

Must-do: Climb up to Buda Castle for a grand view of the Danube running through the heart of the city.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the perfect combination of city and culture with the opportunity to get out into nature just a short cycle from the centre. Your best way to get around is of course by bicycle, so jump on and make sure to stop off at some of the boutique museums on your way, and if you stay in a hostel you’ll never be short of friends to check out the night scene with too!

Must-do: Learn about the diverse history of Amsterdam as a trade centre at the Museum of Amsterdam, then take a cycle round the cities green spaces with a pit stop for Stroopwaffels and Frites from Albert Cuyp Market.


Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is a small island nation just below Malaysia bursting with life day and night. From the lush urban Gardens by the Bay to it’s many Hawkers Markets open late into the night, there is a lot to see and do. Don’t understimate this destination! Though many travellers visit only with shopping in mind on a quick stopover, there are actually many things to experience which will keep you entertained for four or five days, especially if you’re interested in exploring nature and getting out into the “old Singapore”.

Must-do: Watch the Marina Bay Sands free daily light show with a drink from one of the many waterfront bars and restaurants surrounding Singapores harbour.


Get a taste for Singapore on the WorldFanFair YouTube Channel with vlogs from my latest visit…


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