7 Kiwi-Approved London Coffee Shops

Monmouth Coffee, Borough Market

When you’re new to town, knowing where to go for a good flat white, or even any coffee of relative strength and quality, can be a minefield! I’ve had my fair share of caffeine catastrophes and no one deserves to go through that, so today I’m going to lay out the London coffee landscape, just for you.

The Black Lab

Order your coffee a little different at this cosy Clapham café. Usually they have two bean blends on display which you can then choose to drink however you like it, with milk, sugar, on ice, etc.

18 Clapham Common South Side, SW4 7AB



A classic Australian and New Zealand inspired café in the heart of Clapham Common. You’ll need to get here early on weekends to avoid the queues.

16 Clapham Common South Side, SW4 7AB



Get your kick before a big night out in Soho. The neon lights will show you the way.

Another great flat white = 5/5 #coffeeaddict #londonfood #london #coventgarden #flatwhite #visitlondon

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42 Maiden Ln, WC2E 7LJ



If strength is what you crave in your caffeine, taste a few samples at their Borough Market location where you can also buy their beans, whole or ground, to take home.

2 Park St, SE1 9AB



Feeling a bit classy? Take a long lunch or just people watch at this swanky King’s Cross establishment.

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Granary Square, 1 Granary Square, N1C 4AA


Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Visit their branch at Spitalfields Market to grab a scrummy Crosstown Donut to have with your coffee.

6 Lamb Street, E1 6EA


Rabot 1745

If you’re more into coffee for the chocolate, this is the mochacchino lovers dream. Rabot 1745 is the love child of Hotel Chocolat, so naturally there is a self-serve pot of chocolate shavings located at the counter for you to sprinkle over your coffee to your hearts content.

Heaven is a place called @rabot1745 on Earth #boroughmarket #coffee #visitlondon

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2-4 Bedale St, SE1 9AL



New to London? Check out your Guide to London: Your First Few Weeks and get amongst everything that London has to offer – you can start here…


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