Paris for the Weekend

Day 1 in Paris

Good morning, you’re in Paris! I’m sure the first thing you’ll be thinking about is where you can eat yourself into a food coma on croissants and crepes. Well your first stop best be Marche Bastille – one of the largest and most famous markets in Paris and no better place to fill up on french pastries for the day ahead. While you’re here why not pick up some fresh fruit, bread and cheese for a picnic lunch beneath the Eiffel Tower. It’s just about the most stereotypical Parisian thing I can think of, and not only is it a more budget conscious way to enjoy the tower, but you really get time to appreciate the atmosphere like this.


Chances are though, if this is your first time in Paris you won’t be satisfied with simply viewing from below, so why not walk off some calories by getting yourself a comparatively inexpensive ticket to climb the stairs up the Eiffel Tower. Whether you’ve always dreamed of this or not, the moment you reach the viewing platforms is very special. It’s that feeling you get when you just know how many people have come before you to be here, and now you’re here too. From here you’ll have a view of Jardin du Champ de Mars, the Seine River and even the Sacre-Coeur – which is a great place to head next.

Climbing the stairs to the Sacre-Coeur will be much easier in the cool evening air. This is a great place to get a different perspective of the city and start your night in the Montmatre area. Meander back about halfway down the hill where you’ll find Le Relais de la Butte, a quaint spot on the hill for a cold drink and perhaps a bite to eat. 

Come what may, just make sure you leave enough time to get back to the high street – your evening isn’t finished yet. Get excited to be indulged in lights, lust and laughter at the home of the famous Moulin Rouge – and yes, it is well worth the price tag.


Day 2 in Paris

If this is your last day in Paris, let’s make it a good one! Get an early start at the Arc de Triomph – photo or it didn’t happen right? This is also a unique viewing point as down many of the roads leading from the iconic round-about you’ll see other famous landmarks. Take the one that leads to the Musee du Louvre where you can spend the rest of the morning admiring the Mona Lisa (no selfie required) and many other artworks worthy of your attention. 

You must be getting hungry – not far from the museum grounds is Le Pain Quotidien – the vegan’s and vegetarian’s dream. French cuisine is not the easiest to navigate when you don’t eat meat or dairy so stumbling into this place is a heaven on earth. They have all the expected components for a delicious whole food breakfast or lunch and the homemade fresh lemonade comes highly recommended (from me).


Once you’re done here, exit through the back window and you’ll stumble straight into the Royal Palace Gardens – a great place to bask in the afternoon sun.

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