Where To Eat Vegetarian & Vegan In Barcelona


Say Hola and Itadakimasu! Never did I think we’d be munching on authentic Japanese cuisine in the land of Tapas. Barcelona is a smorgasbord for your senses and here are the must eat at places of Catalonia’s capital.

Mercat De La Boqueria

Start off with your mandatory visit to Barcelona’s most well known market. Fresh fruit is abundant here, along with dried fruit and nut specialties, fish and meat. You might think you’re getting tourist trapped when you see the great price of their overflowing strawberry tubs or giant Mango, but I kid you not, the best decision you make this holiday will be grabbing a couple of mango and other snacks for a picnic at the beach.

Cheap eats: Cortados (a double espresso with a dash of milk) are my favourite thing about cafes in Spain. Sit down for oneย at one of the market side cafes and take in the atmosphere – also recommended for breakfast is a Spanish Omelette.



You’re in Barcelona, if you haven’t had good tapas yet, check out Catalana in the heart of Barcelona’s famous shopping line. Though this local restaurant is very popular with it’s street side seating, if is deceivingly big inside, so even with a constant queue you should still be seated quite quickly. I recommend trying the fried green peppers (the edamame of Spain).

Cheap eats: You can get a litre jug of Sangria here for only aroundย โ‚ฌ10.

Sal Cafe

If you’re looking for a beachside location to enjoy a long meal, Sal Cafe if the place for you. They’re situated right on the beach front of Barceloneta and have great Sangria, Paella and salads. There is a surcharge to eat outisde as the beach front cafes are very popular (roughly 10 percent), but you’re in Barcelona baby, enjoy it while you can!



I’m a rather experienced Japanese diner, so I like to eat authentic, so when I heard there was a good Japanese restaurant in Barcelona I was skeptical but had to try it out. Kibuka is hidden in the narrow roads of Gracia beneath residential apartments. When you enter you’ll notice the Sushi chefs front and centre of this mood lit eatery.

Cheap eats: For a cheap night out try the house Sake. For โ‚ฌ8.50 you’ll get a bottle of sake good to get at least two of you tipsy. Careful! I know the bottle looks small, but this stuff is strong and nearly tasteless – some of the most pleasant tasting sake I’ve ever tried.

Marina Bay by Moncho’s

A little bit set set back from the water, but in view of the sea, is this good value gem we stumbled upon. So for those of you who want the beach view but not the beach front prices, check this one out. Make sure to walk into the restaurant and up the stairs though to their rooftop dining terrace for the sea view while you eat.They serve Paella in the pan and a large variety of other dishes, including tapas.

To see more of what you’ll enjoy in Barcelona, check out my vlog below, and subscribe to WorldFanFair on Youtube for more.

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