12 Days Until I Leave the Life I Know


I’ve only ever imagined going travelling as a fantastic, mesmerising, wonderous experience, until today, when I came across this slightly disheartening article; 5 Depressing Side Effects No One Tells You About Moving Abroad.

Having been a long term traveller herself, Manon De Heus lists a few things she’s experienced from moving overseas;

  1. Your loved ones will be devastated.
  2. You’ll feel guilty all the time.
  3. You’ll feel really, really lonely.
  4. You won’t fit in anymore.
  5. You’ll lose dear friends.

Well I should have thought! But these things just don’t come to mind when looking through the pages of Topdeck Winter Europe, do they? Manon explains with emotion and reality the hardships of being halfway across the world from the community and people you love, which having not left NZ yet I can’t do.

Her final point is the one that really hits home for me though. The whole time I’ve been thinking how amazing it’s going to be living and travelling through Europe, I hadn’t stopped to really think about what I’m leaving behind. All the years of nourished friendships, the community I adore, will they just slip away? Already I’ve had one friend text to ask if I’ll come back to New Zealand for their wedding and it made me realise there are going to be milestone life events I might have to miss. The friends back home aren’t just going to stand still. They’re going to do new things too, go new places and meet new people. No matter how much Skype and Facebook, being there is everything.

I’m gonna miss you guys 😦

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